... if you wish to save money by using less wood, and if you want to contribute to cleaner air with less particle emissions in your neighbourhood.


If this appeals to you then you should buy a woodstove or fireplace that has been approved according to the Norwegian test standard.


Norway has one of the world’s strictest requirements on particle emissions from wood burning.


Research shows that most people are burning wood on a low burn rate.


The Norwegian test method requires that a wood stove must burn environmentally friendly on all burn rates. There is a particularly strict demand for clean combustion on low burn rate.


The regulations were introduced by the Norwegian authorities in 1997 and the results are impressing. In 2006 alone the particle emissions were reduced with 14.000 tonnes (source: Statistics Norway).



Visit an authorised Jøtul dealer for more detailed information about the differences in test standards, and the positive effect that clean burning woodstoves has on the environment.