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Do you have an old fireplace insert or stove?

Do you have an old fireplace insert or wood stove at home you have questions about? Here we have gathered our most frequently asked questions to help you with this.

F 602 handle

I need parts for my stove or fireplace insert.

Have parts on your old stove or fireplace insert been damaged or missing? You can not order parts directly from Jøtul, check with one of our dealers and they will help you further. Or try Woodmans Parts Plus for obsolete cast iron parts.

I need a manual / user manual for my old oven.

Do you have an old oven you need the manual for? Check here for old manuals.


My stove is broken and needs service.

Our Jotul Dealers are skilled professionals who can help you with your stove or fireplace insert.

F 500

I want to replace my old oven with a new one.

If you want to replace your old wood stove or fireplace insert, just contact our skilled dealers . They will help you with a solution that suits your home and your needs.