Glass Cleaning


We give you our best and fastest tips for cleaning your wood stove glass, providing you with a great view of the flames for the start of the season. Now you can spend more time concentrating on cozying up in front of the stove instead.

stove glass cleaning supply

Cleaning your wood stove glass is a simple and fast way to enjoy the view of your fire all season long. No special tools or supplies are needed, just a little enblow grease and patience.
Remember to wear gloves (such as dish gloves) when washing the glass. Soot and water together form a kind of lye that can be hard on the hands.

This is what you need for cleaning:

  • Dish gloves
  • Newspaper
  • A little water
  • bucket

Step 1: crumple up a piece of newspaper and get it damp.

Step 2: Dip newspaper into the ash remaining in your stove.

Step 3: In a small circular motion, begin cleaning the glass. Please note that areas with excess soot buildup may need cleaning more than once.

Step 4: Discard any used newspaper in your bucket.

Step 5: Once you clean the glass, a good fire will burn off any excess soot giving you a clear view of the flames.