F 500 V3 Oslo with Jøtul Fusion™ Technology

So far, from what I’ve seen is the F500 v3 is the best stove Jotul has ever built!

M. Mazzeo

This runs contrary to our experience with newer 2020 EPA-certified stoves from other manufacturers that do employ bypass dampers and with which we have noticed smoke spillage and reduced draft. This is predominantly due the fact that some new 2020 stoves with dampers have small flue collars or only draft out half of the flue collar when the damper is open. In fact, with some of these stoves with dampers, we’ve noticed little difference in draft between damper open and damper closed, and in either case they are hard starting.  So far, from what I’ve seen is the F500 V3 is the best stove Jotul has ever built! As there is no bypass damper to engage, there is less likelihood of user error as the user does not need to remember when to engage the damper. Users unfamiliar with catalytic technology often close the damper too early, which causes the stove to smolder and greatly increases emissions and creosote build-up, and users who forget to engage the bypass damper all together run the risk of overheating the stove and venting system increasing the risk of damage to the stove, chimney, home and the people in it. For these reasons, I strongly support stoves without damper, be they catalytic or non-catalytic.