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Prolong your summer evenings with an outdoor fireplace

Want to take the cozy ambiance of the fireside outdoors? Enjoy late evenings on your patio in relaxed comfort this summer with an outdoor fireplace from Jøtul.

Patio hygge

When spring and summer finally bring lighter evenings, the smell of freshly mown grass, and gardens in bloom, it’s time to adopt an outdoor living state of mind. There is scrubbing and washing, new summer flowers to plant, and garden furniture to dust off. Maybe this is the summer to treat your patio to a little upgrade? Time to occupy the patio, decking, or terrace, as the case may be, and prepare for the long lazy summer days.

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Who doesn’t love snuggling up on a sofa in front of a wood fire in autumn and winter, reading a good book, or drinking a cup of cocoa with a pinch of sea salt? Switch out the hot cocoa for fresh, ice-cold lemonade, and trade your snuggly loungewear for something light cool and airy. Why not transfer the hygge you have created indoors outdoors into the garden, onto the terrace, or patio?

Create an oasis of calm and relaxation for family and friends.

The outdoor fireplace tul Frøya

Fireside hygge under the open sky

It is evenings like this that we never want to end. So why not upgrade your patio with an outdoor fireplace for extended cozy evenings under the open sky? Create an oasis of calm and relaxation for family and friends for hours of enjoyment, good food, and memory-making.

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The outdoors fireplace Jøtul Terrazza

Jøtul outdoor fireplaces – year-round hygge in the open air

Some of our fireplaces incorporate grills you can cook on for the BBQ enthusiast. Our outdoor fireplaces are made from Corten steel, which over time acquires a ‘rusted’ patina. They are also maintenance-free and can be left out all year.

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