Jotul Maine Coast

Timeless Norwegian Craft Built In Maine

Winter in Maine means woolen hats, fuzzy mittens, and for those fortunate enough to own one, a locally manufactured Jøtul stove or fireplace insert.

Jotul Portland Maine

Jøtul North America was established in 1980 when Jøtul AS of Norway acquired Portland Maine based importer Kristia and Associates. Kristia and Associates had been importing Jøtul wood stoves since the early 1970's to a growing North America market.  With the introduction of freestanding gas room heaters in the early 1990's, Jøtul quickly earned recognition as a pioneer in the gas hearth products marketplace. By the end of the decade while still distributing a full line of wood stoves and fireplace inserts Jøtul North America began engineering and assembly of what would become a full range of gas room heaters.  In 2005 Jøtul North America expanded to now include sheet metal fabrication of all gas products sold in the US. In 2016 Jøtul North America would once again expand to include all wood stove assemble at there Maine facility. Today Jøtul North America manufacturers all wood and gas products sold in North America, selling over 23,000 wood and gas units annually.